あわせてonline shopも新たにつくりました





向島 「life:style」 

尾道 「本と音楽の店 紙片

因島 「しまなみカレー ルリヲン


I made a calendar this year

I was surprised that it was my 5th year since I created a calendar.In addition, I made a new online shop.

Although it will become to get a mailing cost a little from this year, it became possible to pay the credit as well. 

(Post cards will be attached when you order within December)


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「Creative Calendar Exhibition」Calendar sales@cafe gallery Eijiu /Tokyo


「シサムコウボウ堀江店15th anniversary event」似顔絵仮面



「Sisam koubou 15th anniversary event」portraitmask @Sisamkoubou,Horie/Osaka


「イブフェス5」販売、似顔絵仮面 @浄泉寺/尾道

「Ibu FES 5」portraitmask @Jyosenji temple /Onomichi



「リース展」@ かまわぬ浅草店/東京

「Wreath exhibition」@Kamawanu,Asakusa/Tokyo



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